Aftershock Festival

- 2018, Sacramento, CA -

Project Info

Aftershock Festival is an annual concert held in Discovery Park in Sacramento, California that features several rock and metal acts. The festival is a two-day concert bring in an average of about 28,000 patrons each day. In 2018 the headlines include Deftones and System of a Down with co-headliners Godsmack and Alice in Chains. Event Transport Solutions was selected for the second year as the transportation planner and operator for this music festival. ETS manages the spectator remote shuttle system that includes 52 buses and transports 6000 people during the festival. ETS manages onsite parking operations for staff and performers parking upwards of 850 cars per day. Prior to the event ETS worked with the City of Sacrament, Sacramento PD and festival planners to create a taxi and rideshare area that serviced 12,000 people over the weekend. This also included a traffic management plan to incorporate traffic circulation around the event venue as well as the local neighborhood located across from the venue complex. ETS hired, trained and managed 130 local staff over the course of the weekend, many of these included local college students.

  • Created by: Christina Moya
  • Event Date: 13-14 October 2018
  • Event Location: Discovery Park, CA
  • Services: Transport, Planning, Operations