Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC)

- 2018, Orlando, FL -

Project Info

EDC Orlando is a two-day festival held at Camping World Stadium with an approximate attendance of over 75,000. Event Transport Solutions planned and managed all transport functional areas at Camping World Stadium. By bringing extensive local knowledge to the Insomniac team, ETS was able to access the event overall parking, traffic and transport needs to offer unexplored alternatives. ETS monitored traffic and provided recommendations for routing of artists and runners considering weekday peak rush hour. In addition to creating ingress and egress routes for the spectator shuttle and fan package shuttle traveling from the Orlando attractions area. Along with ensuring that the event had a comprehensive event transport and parking communication plan to the local community and patrons.

  • Created by: Christina Moya
  • Event Date: 09-10 November 2018
  • Event Location: Camping World Stadium, FL
  • Services: Transport, Planning, Operations